Map Out Your 2020 6-Figure Strategy
Join us at this workshop and get all the strategy and accountability you need to make 2020 a year of powerful growth.
11:00 - 14:00

Stanley Street
M3 5JL

What you will get with your  ticket:
1. A tailored 6 Figure business growth Plan for you to take away which leads you directly to your version of business and financial success in 2020.

2. a clear implementation plan to Prevent you from being your own worst enemy and Preventing fear of failure and Self Doubt From Taking You Out.

3. masterminding and accountability with other like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders.

4. A healthy brunch.

5. The option of A personalised 'My Intent' Bracelet worth £15 for just £5... a motivational tool used by the likes of Jay Z and Beyonce to re-inspire You even on the days when you just want to hide under your duvet... more info below...

About This Event...

Your business is only as good as the plan you create. 100% of us have the ability to make 2020 the year we scale to 6 figures / multi 6 figures but only a small percent will actually make it happen for several reasons:

1. When we plan on our own, our plans are limited to our own beliefs about what we think we can or cannot do. Planning and masterminding in a group setting releases you and your business from your personal limitations.

2. Most small business owners and solopreneurs are only doing 1-dimensional planning, which means results are slow to appear, if they appear at all. We will be introducing you to a 3-dimensional planning system that 7, 8 and 9-figure business owners use to unlock the potential of their growth.

3. Despite smaller revenue figures, small business owners are more likely to procrastinate because there is less accountability and very little strategy around productivity and overwhelm management.


£10 Off A 'My Intent' Bracelet To Be Collected At The Event

A 'My Intent' bracelet is a personalised bracelet which you can wear each day to remind you of what you are working hard for / to overcome. A motivational secret weapon used by the likes of Jay Z, Beyonce, and numerous other entrepreneurs and celebrities to keep them on track to their goals. Worth at least £15, you can purchase yours here for just £5.
You will collect your bracelet at the event.
*** You will receive an email a couple of days before the event asking for you to submit the word you would like stamped onto your bracelet(s).

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